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Take Your Apple Search Ads Strategy to the Next Level

Search Ads Maven delivers advanced campaign management and automation tools that maximize your spend efficiency and growth potential on Apple Search Ads.

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What Is Search Ads Maven?

Search Ads Maven is a next-generation Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaign management platform that helps iOS app marketers better optimize and scale their growth strategies on ASA.

Key Benefits for ASA Marketers:

  • View keyword-level ROAS by in-app event goals—not just installs
  • Reduce CPA and/or CPG by 30% or more
  • Manage bids, campaigns, and strategies automatically with Automation Studio
  • Diversify your keyword mix with AI-powered keyword analysis and suggestions
  • Optimize brand protection and share of voice in the App Store

Shift From Tactical Tweaks to Strategic Growth

Ditch the daily grind of managing ASA adjustments. Let Search Ads Maven’s Automation Studio handle the mundane, freeing you to level up your strategy and unlock efficiency and growth.

Search Ads Maven dashboard
Search Ads Maven dashboard
Search Ads Maven dashboard

Using Search Ads Maven’s Automation Studio, our team of experts help you build an automation strategy with fully transparent logic based on your goals and KPIs.

Remove the need for tedious, manual campaign management with automation you can see and understand. Robust automation rules enable your campaigns to adapt hourly to changing variables and market forces that are impossible to keep up with manually.

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With Automation Studio, Realtime Agency saves 8+ hours of manual work per week and responds to market changes 20X faster.

Explore all the benefits of using Search Ads Maven as your ASA campaign management platform

Search Ads Maven campaign management platform
Search Ads: Quickly integrate with one or more of your ASA accounts to manage all your Apple Search Ads activity with ease across all campaign types (Search Results, Search Tab, Today Tab, and Product Page).
MMP Event Data: Integrate your mobile measurement partner (MMP) to source post-install event data for custom goal optimization beyond the point of install.
Strategy Management: Leverage our most popular campaign strategy templates or build your own with the help of our experts.
Alerting: Set up alerts on any reporting metric to be notified of sudden changes in your campaigns, bids, and other variables.
Transparent Automation: Don’t get burned by black-box automation. Our Automation Studio transparently displays the building blocks of your automation triggers, actions, and logic rules.
Generative AI: Tap into generative AI to discover new suggested keywords that you can incorporate into your campaigns.

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How easy is it to test Search Ads Maven?

Integrate with Search Ads Maven in minutes—no SDK required.

Integrate with Search Ads Maven

Once your account has synced, our client success team will schedule a 30-minute call to review your campaign performance and propose an automation strategy to maximize your efficiency while achieving your goals.

Find out how Search Ads Maven can be a game-changer in your Apple Search Ads strategy.