Welcome to Search Ads Maven, the conquesting expert for app marketers who want to win every search and achieve top results on the Apple App Store.

Search Ads Maven is a brand new suite of productivity tools for ad words. It will help you optimize your keyword targeting and conquest keywords over your competitors more effectively than other App Search Optimization tools.

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How it Works

70% of Apple App Store visitors use search to find their next app*. When it comes to a keyword search there may be hundreds or thousands of results, but the one that really matters is the winner in the top position.

Search Ads Maven was designed to be THE BEST conquesting tool to buy keywords on Apple’s App Store. Finally there’s an easy way to discover the words your competitors are winning with, and move ahead of them in the results. You can even use Search Ads Maven to discover competitors you may not have been aware of.

Easily integrate with ASA, Slack, and your measurement partners (MMPs) to see performance against your post-install goals. Search Ads Maven then synchronizes everything you have configured in ASA, making buying search ads more streamlined. You can even integrate with MULTIPLE ASA accounts. This allows agencies to use a single dashboard to manage app search optimization for many customers far more efficiently than with other tools.

A very robust solution, Search Ads Maven incorporates all the capabilities of Apple Search Ads, and includes Apple Search Tab in the same easy-to-use dashboard.

What makes Search Ads Maven better?

The conquesting capabilities within Search Ads Maven are next-level, which simply means you have more powerful tools to discover and purchase the keywords your competitors are winning with and purchase them, moving your app into top position.

Search Ads Maven’s campaign automation capability lets advertisers choose targeting criteria such as geo and demographics, and automatically generates all of the needed ASA campaign segments. Other tools require advertisers to do this manually, wasting time and money.

Search Ads Maven is built with the same hierarchy as Apple Search Ads, so it’s faster to learn and easy to find what you are looking for right from the start.

From simple to sophisticated, Search Ads Maven let’s you get started fast with features like Quick Add, but also includes complex research and discovery capabilities for the enterprise marketer.