How does Search Ads Maven work?

Search Ads Maven acts as a central data and intelligence hub to scale and optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns in ways not possible through other tools or your Search Ads dashboard alone.

Search Ads Maven Connections

Search Ads Maven unifies:

  • Campaign performance data from your Apple Search Ads account(s)

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) and competitive intelligence data from AppTweak

  • Full-funnel app engagement data from your mobile measurement partner (MMP)*

  • Automated alerting through your preferred communication channels

Command and Control

Search Ads Maven’s integrations portal allows you to easily link your Apple Search Ads (ASA) account within minutes, becoming a complete command and control console for all your ASA efforts. You can even link multiple ASA accounts—ideal for agencies who want to manage campaigns across multiple advertisers in one dashboard. 

Once connected, Search Ads Maven visualizes ASA performance across all campaigns with options to drill down and analyze key performance metrics (KPIs) at the ad group, ad set, keyword, and creative level. Integrate your Kochava account to begin measuring your Apple Search Ad spend with the same tools as the rest of your budget. 

Create new campaigns (Search Results or Search Tabs), update existing ones, and incorporate new keywords based on rich keyword intelligence and competitor analysis tools. Any changes you make in Search Ads Maven register in your Search Ads account and vice versa. Search Ads Maven and Apple Search Ads are continuously synchronized.

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Search Ads Maven Words

Better Intelligence, Better Keywords

Maximize your ad spend for Apple Search Ads by finding new keywords you weren’t bidding on and the right bid for the ones you were. Using SAM’s built-in AppTweak intelligence, find your competition and track Competitor App Performance. You can even monitor your competitors’ visibility scores and paid keywords so you know what it will take to win the bid every time.

Integrate with your Kochava MMP account to target post-install events and create goals to maximize revenue. Use Search Ads Maven to target any point in the ROAS funnel.

Use our Quick-Add feature to quickly incorporate these keywords into your existing campaigns or create new campaigns to target new audiences. Find, refine, and win your audiences with easy access to competitor analyses. No more guesswork on what it will take to get the top search result.

Painless Scaling through Automation and Analysis

Build and maintain campaigns through multiple accounts using Search Ads Maven’s automation systems. You can build out Brand, Competitor, Category, or Discovery ASA Campaigns from scratch following Apple’s recommended approach. Maintain those campaigns with automated features that can send alerts via Slack or email or automatically raise bids if a campaign is under-performing.

Scale your business without scaling your workload.

Search Ads Maven Funnel

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