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Say Hello to the #1 Apple Search Ads Copilot

What sets Search Ads Maven apart from other Apple Search Ads campaign management partners?

“Search Ads Maven reduced our average CPA by 64% in just 30 days.”

Bharat Walia, Operations Manager, Liquid Software Mobile

5 Search Ads Maven Difference Makers

1) Tap Into Limitless Automation

Search Ad Maven’s Automation Studio enables Apple Search Ads’ marketers to implement flexible, script-based rules to automate testing and optimization against ANY strategy.

2) No More Getting Burned by Black Box Automation

Our team of experts helps you build an automation strategy with fully transparent logic (that you can actually see and understand) based on your goals and KPIs.

You’re in control, NOT the automation.

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Search Ads Maven dashboard
Search Ads Maven - Find Better Keywords

3) Leverage Generative AI to Find Better Keywords

Search Ads Maven’s innovative technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to delve deep into your app’s features, language preferences, and regional nuances, as well as established keywords, to reveal new, high performing keywords.

Optimize your current Apple Search Ads campaigns by uncovering these hidden gems, and gain the upper hand in the competitive landscape from day one.

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4) Activate Built-In, Battle-Tested Strategies

Stand on the shoulders of giants by activating turnkey strategies and tactics on your Apple Search Ads campaigns that have been performance game-changers for brands both large and small.

Share of Voice Optimization

Automate impression share monitoring and adjust bids to maintain your preferred share of voice in the App Store.

Strategic Losing™

Use automation to maintain the second-highest bid position, forcing competitors to pay more when targeting certain keywords–especially your brand keywords.

Late-Day Winning™

Pace your daily Apple Search Ads budget by region to capitalize on end-of-day budget exhaustion and increase your spend efficiency.

Keyword Optimization Journey

Automate testing of new keywords with exploratory spend to identify high-performers that deliver against your KPIs.

Custom Goal Optimization

Automate keyword bidding based on your target cost per goal for in-app events (e.g., Trial Activation, Purchase, etc.).

5) Built By a Trusted MMP

Search Ads Maven is the only Apple Search Ads campaign management platform powered by a leading mobile measurement partner (MMP). Kochava has been helping enterprise brands measure and optimize their iOS app marketing since 2011.

Since the launch of Apple Search Ads in 2016, Kochava has enabled brands to tailor their campaign optimization based on deeper funnel performance metrics.

Search Ads Maven - Powered by Kochava

5.1) Plus Hands-On Support from a Team of ASA Experts

The support team has been superb, helping understand our goals and then crafting automation rules that put those goals into auto-pilot. This is now enabling our team to be more efficient, meaning we get to help more brands succeed on Apple Search Ads.

Ken Macdonald

Programmatic Lead, Realtime Agency

Find out how Search Ads Maven can be a game-changer in your Apple Search Ads strategy.