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Case Study

Information Services Provider Scores Competitive Conquest Savings With 29% CPG Reduction on Apple Search Ads

Vertical: Finance


$Hundreds of Thousands

Monthly Competitive
Conquesting Spend Managed

29% Drop
in CPG

for Registration Event

Efficient Competitive Conquesting

With Automated App
Event Optimization


A global information services provider that specializes in credit reporting, data analytics, and consumer information management. The company strives to empower consumers, protect their identity, and help them make informed decisions about credit, finances, and risk management.


Aiming to drive incremental growth for their iOS app through Apple Search Ads (ASA), the customer was heavily invested in bidding on competitor keywords within the financial management category. While conversions from these competitive conquesting campaigns grew steadily, so did the costs. To achieve positive return on ad spend (ROAS), the team needed a better method to keep costs aligned with an efficient target cost per goal (CPG) for their registration event. Unfortunately, Apple Search Ads optimizes only toward cost per acquisition (CPA) for installs; no app event optimization was available to better align campaign performance with the desired registration event.

Phone with illustration of rocket ship on screen


The customer consulted Search Ads Maven, the ASA campaign management platform. By understanding the customer’s competitive conquesting ambitions and the CPG for post-install registrations that would maintain positive ROAS, the Search Ads Maven team scoped an automation strategy to accomplish the customer’s objectives.

First, because the customer leveraged Kochava as their mobile measurement partner (MMP) of choice, they were able to integrate seamlessly with Search Ads Maven to syndicate post-install registration events directly into the Search Ads Maven platform. These could then be leveraged as custom goals for app event optimization.

Search Ads Maven Works With Kochava and Any Other MMP

Next, the team helped build out a series of strategies within the platform’s Automation Studio to automatically

  • Monitor CPG across competitor keywords hourly
  • Manage competitive keyword bidding dynamically to maintain their target CPG
  • Pause underperforming keywords unable to achieve profitable return on investment


In just 6 days, the automation strategy cut the CPG for registration by as much as 29% across the customer’s campaigns for competitor exact-match keywords. The app event optimization made possible by connecting their MMP data to Search Ads Maven enabled the team to align their competitive conquesting efforts with their key performance indicator. Supported by Search Ads Maven automation, they are poised to scale their Apple Search Ads efforts with much greater efficiency.