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Case Study

Reducing Apple Search Ads CPA by 64%

Vertical: Lifestyle

About Liquid Software Mobile

Liquid Software focuses on connecting people in real time text and video environments through their innovative mobile apps.

Their Mi Vidente (“My Psychic”) app gives mobile users across Latin America and Spain access to a community of real psychics and healers who change lives.


The Mi Vidente app marketing team had reached a plateau in their growth via Apple Search Ads (ASA). Their cost per acquisition (CPA) was continually on the rise, and revenue from in-app subscriptions wasn’t keeping pace. To invest further in ASA, they needed to tap into new tools and strategies that would allow them to scale growth, while maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).


The Mi Vidente marketing leadership connected with ASA optimization experts at Search Ads Maven. They discovered that with the platform’s built-in Automation Studio, they could define goalposts for success. They could then enable automation logic to monitor their ASA campaigns hourly and auto-adjust keyword bidding, dynamically maintaining their performance standards and achieving their ideal target CPA. This type of always-on monitoring and optimization had been simply impossible to accomplish manually.

Leveraging automation, they were also able to run existing and new keywords through an automated keyword optimization journey. This quickly separated out the high-performing keywords driving positive results at an ideal CPA versus those that underperformed and could be added as negative keywords. The outcome was achieving the most optimal mix of Spanish-language keywords across Latin America and Spain.


In just 30 days, Mi Vidente’s average Apple-reported CPA was reduced by 64%, all while maintaining their revenue from in-app subscriptions. This significantly improved their ASA ROAS. Automation also helped refine their mix of Spanish-language keywords—removing non-performers while identifying new high-value keywords across different geos.

The Mi Vedente team is now scaling their spend again on ASA. Additionally, the larger Liquid Software Mobile organization is integrating their other iOS apps with Search Ads Maven to repeat the success they’re achieving with Mi Vedente. Working with always-on automation, the teams can test their strategies to increase overall spend without compromising their target CPA or theirin-app subscription revenue growth goal.


Decreased Avg. CPA by 64% in 30 days

The team at Search Ads Maven was so quick to understand our challenges. The automation strategy they helped us implement on ASA is a game-changer. It’s allowing our team to confidently innovate and test out new strategies with guardrails in place to ensure efficiency and profitability along the way.

Bharat WaliaOperations Manager, Liquid Software Mobile