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Harnessing Automation for Maximum Efficiency in Apple Search Ads

By January 24, 2024April 19th, 2024No Comments4 min read Case Studies

Liquid Software Mobile’s dramatic CPA reduction in Apple Search Ads

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Liquid Software Mobile faced a soaring cost per acquisition (CPA) for its Mi Vidente app that plateaued growth. Turning to the revolutionary tool Search Ads Maven powered by Kochava to effect a necessary strategic pivot, the company implemented data-driven automation that catalyzed a remarkable transformation. The outcome: a 64% reduction in CPA within 30 days, proving the efficacy of intelligent campaign management. Liquid Software Mobile’s journey vividly demonstrates the potential of leveraging advanced technology to refine marketing strategies and achieve significant cost efficiencies within Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns.

About Liquid Software Mobile
Liquid Software Mobile focuses on connecting people in real-time text and video environments through their innovative mobile apps.

Their Mi Vidente (“My Psychic”) app gives mobile users across Latin America and Spain access to a community of real psychics and healers who change lives.

Liquid Software Mobile’s Challenge

In the competitive world of digital marketing, striking the perfect balance between cost and performance is the ultimate measure of success. For Liquid Software Mobile, a pioneer in connecting users through real-time text and video environments, this balance seemed elusive. The company’s flagship app, Mi Vidente (“My Psychic”), which offers a unique platform for users across Latin America and Spain to connect with psychics and healers, had hit a growth plateau. CPA was climbing as in-app subscriptions revenue lagged. The challenge was clear–Liquid Software Mobile needed to revitalize their ASA campaigns and optimize return on ad spend (ROAS).


Liquid Software Mobile turned to Search Ads Maven powered by Kochava, the Apple Search Ads campaign management platform. This presented a new approach that could potentially reinvigorate the company’s user acquisition strategy.

Using Search Ads Maven’s built-in Automation Studio, Liquid Software Mobile defined custom goals based on tailored criteria focusing on the company’s target CPA. Advanced keyword automation rules based on real-time data proved a game-changer, enabling dynamic bid and spend adjustments on an always-on basis. Automated keyword optimization removed non-performers in favor of high-performing and even new, high-value Spanish-language keywords, precisely honing the app’s keyword portfolio. Liquid Software Mobile’s campaigns, previously managed via cumbersome manual adjustments, were now able to respond dynamically to market changes.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. By leveraging Search Ads Maven’s powerful automation and insights, Liquid Software Mobile reduced average CPA by 64% in just 30 days while maintaining revenue, greatly improving ASA ROAS.


The story of Liquid Software Mobile validates the transformative power of strategic automation and intelligent campaign management, offering both inspiration and a blueprint for success. The company’s experience underscores the potential of Search Ads Maven to simplify the complexities of digital marketing while driving substantial growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

For brands looking to navigate the intricacies of ASA campaigns within the dynamic realm of digital marketing, adopting cutting-edge tools such as Search Ads Maven for campaign management and automation opens up myriad opportunities. By employing Search Ads Maven and leveraging on-point data analysis, your ASA campaigns gain the agility to adapt swiftly to shifts in market conditions, variations in keyword bid prices, and other fluctuating factors.

Interested in running a free 30-day automation test against your ASA campaigns? Request a free demo here.

With Search Ads Maven, Liquid Software Mobile

Decreased average CPA by 64% in 30 days

The team at Search Ads Maven was so quick to understand our challenges. The automation strategy they helped us implement on ASA is a game-changer. It’s allowing our team to confidently innovate and test out new strategies with guardrails in place to ensure efficiency and profitability along the way.

Bharat WaliaOperations Manager, Liquid Software Mobile