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Optimize Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns in Brazil and LATAM

By May 29, 2024June 5th, 2024No Comments6 min read Education

Easily scale your keyword strategies across multiple countries and regions

Apple recently released Apple Search Ads support in Brazil and eight additional countries. Marketers, ad agencies, and app developers serving Latin America and the Caribbean can now buy on Apple Search Ads in:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru

For a list of all countries and regions supported by Apple Search Ads, visit Apple’s website.

Best Practices When Expanding to Other Countries & Regions

The opening of new countries and regions for support on Apple Search Ads is exciting. That said, marketers often face challenges scaling their campaigns and tactics across multiple regions, let alone new ones. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your expansion efforts into new markets:

1. Adapt to Regional Differences

Research different user behaviors and preferences within the region to understand your audience and adapt tactics. Localize your campaigns to resonate with new geographic audiences, taking into account language nuances and cultural differences. Ensure that creatives align with local preferences and customs to maximize engagement. Check for other apps similar to yours to see how they may have adapted messaging, value prop, and creatives.

2. Review Requirements in Each Country

Dealing with varying regulations and requirements in different countries can impact campaign strategies and execution. Take France, for example, where the Sapin Law impacts media buying on Apple Search Ads. As Apple advises in one of their help articles:

In compliance with the French law known as the “Sapin Law,” which intends to make the business of media buying more transparent, only the advertiser who owns both the app and the Apple Search Ads account can promote an app on the App Store in France. That means if you’re an agency, an agent, or a representative who manages Apple Search Ads for a client whose company is either registered, established, or otherwise located in France, you’re not eligible to run ads on behalf of that client on the App Store in France.

See other specific terms provided by Apple that apply to certain countries.

Some countries may also have varying advertising standards that govern the content, imagery, and messaging of ads, including those displayed on Apple Search Ads.

Additionally, countries may have specific tax laws that apply to digital advertising platforms like Apple Search Ads, which may impact how you’re billed or taxed for spend on your ad campaigns.

If you encounter an issue setting up campaigns for a specific country or region, be sure to check out this Apple help article and scroll down to the section header If you’re having issues promoting in certain countries and regions.

Add Campaign

3. Consider a Campaign Management Platform

Managing and optimizing campaigns and keywords across multiple countries, regions, and languages can be complex and time-consuming. If your team is already maxed out, you may want to research a campaign management platform. Campaign management platforms such as Search Ads Maven use advanced integrations and configurable automation to reduce manual workload and streamline campaign optimization workflows.

Scaling in New Countries With a Campaign Management Platform

Search Ads Maven is an Apple Search Ads campaign management platform that features a variety of campaign management, keyword discovery, and automation tools designed to help companies more efficiently manage their ASA efforts. Here are just a few highlights:

AI Suggestions for New Keywords

Within the Keyword Analysis dashboard, users can select a country and language to quickly generate AI suggestions for keywords to add to exploratory campaigns. This is extremely helpful when you’re new to a country or language and need guidance on which keywords are worthy of your testing budget.

Insights are provided on the popularity score of each keyword and total count of apps using the keyword. Once keywords have been identified, you can add them across your different campaigns or ad groups one at a time or in bulk.

Automating Keyword Exploration Across New Countries & Languages

Exploring and testing new keywords can be an intensive process, particularly if you’re manually checking performance against your key performance indicators (KPIs), then adjusting budgets and individual keyword bids across languages and countries to keep costs in check. No one wants to burn the budget on a set of new keywords that turn out to be nonperformers.

Within Search Ads Maven, you can apply a strategy template called Keyword Journey™ to any of your keyword exploration campaigns. Just configure your test budget amount and target cost per acquisition (CPA) or cost per goal (CPG) for in-app events (e.g., trial, registration, purchase), and then a template of automation rules will run on that campaign. The rules operate on logic that strikes the fine balance among optimizing your spend, producing results, and getting enough volume (impressions, taps, installs, and events) to prove out new keywords that produce performance at maximum efficiency.

Explore Keyword Journey further in this post.

Budget & Keyword Bid Automation

Your budgets are likely to vary widely between different countries. While you can set a max daily budget at the country level, managing ongoing spend changes in each country or troubleshooting how individual campaigns and ad groups eat up that country-level budget can be taxing. The same is true for the bid amounts you set for keywords.

The Automation Studio within Search Ads Maven can be configured to automatically

  • pause non-performant campaigns, ad groups, or keywords to prevent them from exhausting your budget
  • reallocate remaining budget from non-performant campaigns or ad groups to performant ones to maximize efficiency
  • adjust keyword bids based on changing market dynamics and how they’re performing against your target cost per tap (CPT), CPA, and/or CPG rates
  • and more

Automation rules can be configured using an easy rule-builder widget, whereas more advanced users can explore an advanced rule builder that leverages raw JavaScript (JS) or logic building blocks.

Always Be Ready for New Countries and Regions

Search Ads Maven’s integration with Apple Search Ads means that any time Apple adds a new country or region, support is immediately available. Any strategy templates or automation rules you’ve already customized can be applied to your campaigns in those new regions, and all keyword analysis tools will reflect available app store intelligence as it collates.

Want to discuss your country expansion plans with Apple Search Ads experts? Connect with our team.