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What Are Creative Specs?

Creative Specs | Definition

Creative Specs are the detailed essential technical requirements for the design and format of ad creatives in Apple Search Ads, ensuring that ads are displayed properly and effectively in the App Store. These guidelines cover various aspects of ad design and are key to maintaining high-quality, engaging ads compatible with Apple devices and user expectations.

Specifications include:

    • Dimensions: Required sizes for images or videos, tailored to fit different iPhone and iPad screen sizes and resolutions
    • File formats: Acceptable formats for creative assets, typically JPEG or PNG for images and MOV or MP4 for videos
    • File size: Maximum file size allowed for creatives, balancing quality with load times and performance
    • Resolution: Minimum pixel density necessary for images and videos to ensure clarity and sharpness, especially on Retina displays
    • Content: Guidelines that dictate the appropriate use of text, branding, and accurate depiction of app functionality
    • Localization: Standards for adapting creatives to various languages and cultural nuances of target global audiences
    • Custom Product Pages: The option to create various product page versions highlighting different app features or content, catering to distinct customer segments and aligning with creative ad variations in campaigns.

By adhering to these creative specs, advertisers can produce effective ads optimized for the App Store’s unique environment, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience that enhances the likelihood of app downloads and improving conversion rates.

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