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3 Steps to Scale Apple Search Ads (ASA) Performance

By June 6, 2022April 1st, 2024No Comments3 min read Best Practices

Gary Danks

Gary Danks
Founder of Machine Advertising

Gary has been working in mobile advertising since 2004 and is the founder Machine Advertising.

Apple Search Ads (ASA) has quickly become one of the most important channels for UA marketing. We’ve seen our clients increase their spending on ASA by over 100% in just the past nine months. With the right tools and strategy, ASA outperforms the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of all other media channels.  

However, scaling performance eventually becomes difficult. Apple’s internal tools (basic & advanced) do a good job but will only get you so far. To scale performance and take your campaigns to another level, you need to utilize the essential data and features the ASA tool doesn’t provide.  

These are the three optimizations your ASA tool should support: 

Post-Install Events

As you know, the most critical data in campaign optimization is the post-install events. The ASA tool only provides reporting on impressions, taps, and installs, leaving you in the dark about how your conversions are actually performing beyond the install. 

Using a tool that imports your mobile measurement partner (MMP) data means you can optimize your ASA campaigns against the most important revenue events.

Competitor Insights

You need to know if your key competitors are performing well against specific keywords, right?

By using a tool that knows the keywords your competitors rank highly against, you can bid on those keywords and gain a market advantage. Even more important is when you stop to think how many of your competitors are already doing this on your keywords.

Always-On Custom Rules

Constantly managing keywords and bids takes up a lot of time.  Opportunities can be missed, and ad-spend can be wasted on underperforming keywords. Always-on custom rules change the game.  Set “if that, then this” style rules so you never miss campaigns generating the best ROAS and benefit from true always-on ASA automation.

Take Your ASA to the Next Level

Search Ads Maven offers all of these features (and more) to help you take your ASA to the next level.

Search Ads Maven is plug and play, so you can start using it in a few minutes without disrupting current campaigns.