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Search Ads Maven Unveils New Automation Studio

By August 15, 2023April 26th, 2024No Comments3 min read Product

Kochava Introduces Automation Studio, Empowering Marketers to Define ASA Spend Strategy and Achieve Measurable Results

Do you want to uplevel your Apple Search Ads (ASA) results?  Kochava has the answer to your conundrum. Try Search Ads Maven powered by Kochava, a groundbreaking  platform designed to revolutionize the way marketers approach ASA.

With Automation Studio, marketers gain unprecedented control over their ASA spend strategy and the ability to measure and optimize results, freeing them from the arduous task of manually tracking keyword performance and adjusting bid amounts.

Traditionally, when a vast majority of ASA spend is concentrated on a small set of 5-10 keywords, marketers face limited options with increased competition: either decrease acquisitions or pay exorbitant prices. However, with Automation Studio, marketers can seamlessly scale up their campaigns across thousands of keywords, implementing a systematic approach to control costs and discover valuable in-app conversions within the long tail of keywords. This empowers marketers to stabilize their outcomes and drive optimal results.

Hamilton Radcliffe, GM of Search Ads Maven, emphasized the transformative impact of Automation Studio on the industry, stating, “Automation Studio is going to shift the industry from turning ASA knobs to building and measuring ASA strategies. Let Search Ads Maven do the mundane tasks hourly, while you focus on the best approach to maximize revenue at the lowest possible ad spend.”

Automation Studio, integrated within the Search Ads Maven platform, provides marketers with enhanced productivity tools for optimizing ad words and conquering competitors’ keywords with greater effectiveness than other App Search Optimization tools available in the market. By leveraging Automation Studio, marketers can stretch their ad budgets and achieve remarkable results across all verticals, thanks to the comprehensive support and expert insights provided by Search Ads Maven.

As part of the Automation Studio platform, Search Ads Maven released the Scripted Automation tool to control and optimize Apple Search Ads. Scripted Automation brings the ability to control almost any aspect of your time spent in Apple Search Ads and automate actions so you can react to changes quickly and reduce risk.

As budgets tighten and options become limited, competition intensifies, making effective risk management paramount. For more information on Search Ads Maven and Automation Studio, please contact support@kochava.com or visit stage.searchadsmaven.com.